North Gower Partnership Transition Plan 2022-23

Learning within the NGP

What? Planning for the development of appropriate knowledge, skills, and experiences through an authentic and relevant curriculum in an environment that inspires aspirations.

How? Through the 12 pedagogical principles based on ‘Teach less and learn more’. Through providing a workshop style environment that promotes independence and interdependence.

Why? So that our learners become future citizens who are ambitious and capable, enterprising, and creative, ethical, and informed, and healthy and confident.


To consolidate upon current good practice.

Our agreed strategy is to have the four core purposes at the core of our ethos.

Capable Learners – Ready to learn throughout their lives.

Informed Citizens – Ready to be citizens of Wales and the World.

Confident Individuals – Ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

Creative Contributors – Ready to play a full part in life and work

NGP Agreed Aims

Our agreed aims are:

• To prepare pupils for the transfer experience to ensure all receive a positive experience

• To promote the continuity of education across all progression steps

• To promote and support learning between and across progression steps

• To facilitate educational continuity and progression, with direct reference to pedagogical approaches and a range of assessment opportunities

• To facilitate greater staff awareness appropriate teaching and learning across all progression steps, with the aim of sharing good and innovative practice.

• To ensure effective use of pupil information to facilitate further progress as they move between schools.

• To ensure parents/carers/families are fully informed of the transfer process between schools

Emotional health and mental wellbeing of staff and pupils it at the centre of ethos. In providing as much support as possible our robust plan will hopefully help to alleviate any undue stress.

The implementation of the above aims fundamentally relies upon the development of a common educational philosophy in which no one partner is any more or less important than another.

NGP Commonly Agreed Aims

Our commonly agreed aims are:

• To prepare pupils for their transfer to ensure all receive a positive experience

• To share expertise and resources

• To develop a common strategy to convey the importance of education to all sectors of our community in line with the Curriculum for Wales.

• To actively promote the North Gower Partnership within the community.

A cornerstone of effective communication is the series of regular cluster meetings at which each school is represented by the head or deputy. These meetings are weekly. Other groups also meet regularly to strengthen our collaborative work. Eg AOLE curriculum groups, DCF group.

From a common agenda we identify need:

• Within the transfer process

• Within identified areas of the curriculum

• Within teaching and learning strategies

• Within whole school issues

• Within community links.


Our Transition Plan sets out how we will continue to work together to realise the above aims.

The progress made and next steps will be reviewed and agreed annually by partner schools. As with the production of this plan, we will seek the views of all stakeholders.


Our transition plan addresses the action that will be taken against the core requirements set out in guidance provided by the Welsh Government:

1. Managing and coordinating transition

2. Joint curriculum planning

3. Achieving continuity in teaching and learning methods.

4. Achieving consistency in assessment and monitoring and tracking pupils’ progress against prior attainment

5. Evaluation of the impact of the policy and improvement initiatives on standards

In addition, the plan sets out how we shall work together to ensure that there are effective arrangements for transition in the following areas:

6. Pastoral links to meet pupils’ personal and social needs.

7. Sharing information about pupils’ achievements and attainment.

8. Communicating the learning needs of individual pupils.

In each case, the plan identifies current and ongoing work. Where areas of improvement are identified we shall agree priorities and work together to address these over the period of the plan.

For any further information regarding our Transition Plan, please do not hesitate to get in touch.