Learning in the North Gower Partnership


Planning for the development of appropriate knowledge, skills and
experiences through an authentic and relevant curriculum in an
environment that inspires aspirations.


Through the 12 pedagogical
principles based on “teach less and learn more” Through providing a workshop style environment that promotes independence and


So that our learners become future citizens who are:
Ambitious & Capable
Enterprising & Creative
Ethical & Informed
Healthy & Confident

In ‘Education in Wales: Our National Curriculum’, it is emphasised that:

“A renewed commitment to improving both the skills and knowledge of
our young people, as we raise standards in our transformational
curriculum. Education has never been more important. Education
reform is our national mission”

“Teaching Less, Learning More” – Empowering staff to be
creative within the North Gower Partnership.

In developing a new, exciting and challenging Curriculum, we have a
vision for our pupils to be:

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In addition to a focus on literacy, numeracy and digital competence which underpins all areas of the curriculum in terms of skills.

Within the ‘Successful Futures’ report by Professor Graham Donaldson there is a focus on 12 pedagogical principles that underpin good teaching and learning. We have embedded these within our partnership and they are visible reminders in classrooms. They help us use and understand these principles in the language of our schools.

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Our Transformational Curriculum

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