Pupils understand and are competent.  They apply  their knowledge and skills in a new form through opportunities to create, analyse and evaluate.

To use in a new situation. Solving problems by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different way.

Key Words

Act, Administer, Apply, Associate, Build, Calculate, Categorise, Choose, Classify, Connect, Construct, Correlation, Demonstrate, Develop, Dramatise, Employ, Experiment with Group, Identify, Illustrate, Interpret, Interview, Link, Model, Organise, Perform, Plan, Practice, Relate, Represent, Select, Show, Simulate, Solve, Summarise, Teach, Transfer, Translate, Use



Carrying out, Executing, Implementing, Using

Demonstration, Diary, Illustrations, Interview, Journal, Performance, Presentation, Sculpture, Simulation

The adult . . .

Prompts and questions.

Provides a wider choice of skills, strategies, and or methods.

Supports learners to select from a choice of strategies.

Prompts learners to explain their thinking and learning.

Encourages learners to compare their work with that of others.

Provides framework and prompts.

The learner . . .

Uses frameworks and prompts to help them use skills and strategies.

Suggests methods and strategies to use.

Compares their work with that of others to identify similarities and differences.



How would you use…? 

What examples can you find to…? 

How would you solve ____using what you have learned…? 

How would you organise ____ to show….? 

How would you show your understanding of…? 

What approach would you use to…? 

How would you apply what you learned to develop…? 

What other way would you plan to…? 

What would result if…? 

Can you make use of the facts to…? 

What elements would you choose to change…? 

What facts would you select to show…? 

What questions would you ask in an interview with…? 

Do you know another instance where…? 

Could this have happened in…? 

Can you group by characteristics such as…? 

What factors would you change if…? 

Can you apply the method used to some experience of your own…? 

What questions would you ask of…? 

From the information given, can you develop a set of instructions about…? 

Would this information be useful if you had a…?  

From the text clues, I can conclude that… 

Based on what I know and read, I think… 

The information makes me think that… 

The text evidence suggests… 

Although the author did not write it, I can figure out that… 

I think… because… 

If…, then… 


I’ll bet that … made me think that…